About Us

 This company was established in 2008 with the annual production capacity of 6,000,000 lamps and in February 2009 it offered its first products in the field of energy saving lamps from 7 to 200 watts to the domestic consumer market.
At present, Zaman Noor lamp is continuously working with Zaman Noor brand by producing various types of energy saving lamps in the group of energy saving products, and LED lamps, and FML, FPL lamps, and in order to meet the needs of consumers, Done.
During the company’s activity and along with increasing production and using methods related to improving the quality of light time products, the company was able to obtain two standard product certifications from the Iranian Institute of Standards and Industrial Research ISIRI in the field of production of energy saving lamps and FML, FPL lamps. And apply for international certifications, quality and system standards such as ISO 9001-2008 certification from SGS Switzerland
The quality of the lamps produced in the company is due to the accurate implementation of quality control activities and full observance of international standards for lamp production during the production process, from the delivery of raw materials to product packaging.
The use of advanced laboratory facilities such as photometer spheres, power analyzer, voltage, lumen, humidity chamber, cap temperature rise room, torque gauge device and lifespan measuring devices, etc. enables light time to perform all sample tests as well as Has conducted special tests and this has led to continuous improvement of product quality.